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Default NWO take over 2012

The debt based monetary system that exists in all countries is the ssource of our problems. Some people claim that the Fed and other central banks around the world are inept and can never do anything right.
Well I say itís bigger and much more sinister than that. A group of these banking families have been working toward global control of the various governments and their monetary systems for over 3 hunderd years. Technology and communication have enabled the last 100 years of sucess.
The United Nations is the proto new world government. They even write 2300 page laws for congressman just like they do in the UN.
They find any reason to spend money. I mean large amounts of money, wars, foreign aid, entitlements. It all ends in crushing debt.
But hereís the kicker, They want to save the planet, environmentaly, so no nukes allowed. And when the time comes (2012 self fulfilling prophecy). They believe that to save the planet they will have to reduce the population by about 6.5 billion people.
A very well planned and timed economic colapse world wide would open the door to anarchy and the rise of the police state. Each government already has in place as in the US. Homeland Security, Fema camps. The recently passed NDAA.
Quick control over the people, the same people who remained in the dark about responsibility for their government and their monetary system.
A new world regiem and a list with the names of 500 million people on it. The paper ark into the future. Alex Jones says that they will enslave earthís humanity. But I donít think they will need any slaves, with tech and machines so good.
Well we will know by December 2012. Hope Iím wrong but not, everything just
fits together

Life is never what it seems and every man must meet his destiny.
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