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Default Re: david icke forums censored

Originally Posted by true-lilly View Post
Ah, but NOT ONLY from DIF. Any forum of the many, that sell ICKEST insanity, Ban those who Know What's Really Going On.
And a forum run by this mob, not only ban members, but VERY SELECTIVELY EDIT banned members posts to keep and use in personal attacks of "quotes" TWISTED OUT OF ALL CONTEXT.
Originally Posted by blackmoon View Post
This womans is a known fraud and con artist isn't she. Anyway the last time we mixed science and religion was during the third reich, strangely they also 'communicated with aliens' and Gurdjieff (who the cassiopaeans 'work' under )was quite influential in the establishment of the Thule later to become the SS.

Interestingly most cults use Gurdjieff as their foundation just like the Cassiopaeans.

So there are some quite striking similarities between cassiopaea and the SS especially their 'us and them' mentality and their intimidation tactics. I also understand they follow known occultists Fulcanelli, Castenada and Steiner.

In other words - give these people a very wide birth
YES... But much more dangerous than Nazi Occultists, as they have the use of 80 more years of (ANTI)'Social' PROGRAMMING Sciences, rampted up with 'The Power' of (ANTI)'Social' NETworking. .... JUST AS 'TINTIN' and 'CORI' DO at DIF.
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