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Default Re: david icke forums censored

Originally Posted by true-lilly View Post
Ah, but NOT ONLY from DIF. Any forum of the many, that sell ICKEST insanity, Ban those who Know What's Really Going On.
....and even PROJECT AVALON has STOPPED 'DAVID DEAN' (Dixie Dean at DIF), Posting WHAT TINTIN HAD HIM BANNED FOR AT DIF (revealing what Team Tintin/Cori try to keep hidden in all their Noisy THREATS AGAINST THOSE WHO WON'T HATE MONGER Amd LIE). and SODLIKE PRODUCTIONS wouldn't even let me post this - : The Thunderbirds this morning, episode, "THE MIGHTY ATOM". A Nuclear Power/DESAL Plant in Australia ("to reclaim the centre of Australia"!), is blown up!, then again in North Africa, to draw in International Rescue! THUNDERBIRDS EPISODE GUIDE
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