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Default Re: david icke forums censored

BlueAngel, how many 'names/personalities' do 'you' post 'as', WHO ARE 'you' IN THE REAL WORLD, and CAN 'you' PROVE IT TO EVERY READER, so that they may CHECK and CONFIRM 'your' bona fides? Because I MADE IT NO SECRET that I AM Suzy Rae Ryan (nee Vera "Suzy" Hocevar: vera=true, suzy=lilly), a BONA FIDE EXPERT, WORLD RECORD BREEDER who has made M/S NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL News since the '80's, EXPOSING THE SECRET AGENDAS of those SELLING "BLOOLINE" LIES FOR THE BEASTLY "GREENIE" RELIGION ENFORCERS. But it's good of 'you' to make it so clear to OTHER, REAL, Truely Independant, Free, Thinking HumanE beings, BEING BANNED from Forums ALL OVER the NET WEB of DECEPTION, that WE are NOT Welcomed HERE, either.
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