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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

Let me make my feelings about feeemasonry perfectly clear. . .
While accepting that not all masons are evil I have to continue to argue the point that theres something inherently rotten within the heart of freemasonry. There's to much evidence to show that the cult is up to no good.. . I worry about those who just can't, no matter howw hard they try, see that they are being manipulated, abused and used in some greater game that they can't imagine mainly because they have bought into this cults belief systems. Please answer these three simple questions?

1. How can you deny being elitist when you say that the masons are full of members who have been made better than ordinary people purely by belonging to a lodge?

2. Why is that masons say they believe in a supreme being without stating who this supreme being is?

3. How can masons claim to be good and decent when as part of the masonic ritual they swear under oath to kill anyone who reveals their secrets?

I say agin, get out and distance yourself from this cult as soon as you can. No good can come of it.
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