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Default Re: Ignoring Weirdos

I posted the following in the Dialogue (DEVIL) thread, IGWT, but I thought you'd probably look at this thread before that one.

It relates to that thread.


If you look at this thread from the first page where The Devil calls me the "b" word several times and I comment, "I think The Devil believes I'm a "b." Not sure, just a hunch, you'll see that RedRat pops in out of the BLUE and responds to my comment with:

He/Her (The Devil) means that your soul is corrupted.

This is very telling. I think they are one in the same. RedRat and the Devil.

Of particular interest is that RedRat found it necessary to interpret what The Devil thinks about me (i.e., my soul is corrupted).

And, he says it so nonchalantly and matter of fact. You know, like I have a problem and this is the problem. My soul is corrupted.

WOW!! RedRat was actually giving credibility to The Devil.

Also, there was a point where RedRat was conversing with The Devil as if this person is truly The Devil and he comments something like, "we'll continue this conversation later."

Anyway, I think they are the same and I believe I know his true identity.

He is the "devil in disguise." And, as he said, "The Handler, known as The Devil."

In Peace,
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