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Default two men.. keeping my promese to tell about them

Late summer 2008
This is all true and did happen. I am putting here because I did say in another post that I will tell all about two men I talked with. On all the forums I quit or got kicked out of and forums I am still a member I was never known to lie. To you this is just another post by a member trying to make this believable.
I was walking in the shopping center parking lot and then walked down the sidewalk to the food store the
A and P.. I was looking strait ahead when two men ahead of me was just there. If they came from somewhere I would have seen that. But they was there. They walked toward me blocking my path so I cant walk past them and the tall one seed hello to me. Who had on a grey suet with a name tag over the coat pocket.. The other one not as tall had on jeans and a multi color polo type shirt. When I seed who are you guts and what do two want. They gave me there names .. Then I seed to the tall one.. What’s up why did you guys stop me what do you want.. Then the tall one seed … what’s up im afraid is your very salvation.. Then the two took there attention off me and started talking .. I got some words… I heard the tall one saying to the other one.. Quote… well do you want to do the honors.. But the other one argue with him saying we cant touch him. His sole cries out.. Then he seed.. Look.. See. He will succeed. We cant do anything.. Nothing..
I was getting pretty nervous then and I seed I have to go now I got shopping to do. And I walked away while the tall one kept looking at me like trying to think of a way to not let me walk away.. Now when this started to its end only about 10 minutes passed.. But at the start the sun was high and shining and when I walked away it was starting to be like day light but no sun on the shopping center like just before it starts to get dark.
A month later at my moms house when I went there she told me about a dream she had of a young man in a grey suet entering the bedroom window and seed hello.. But the window was closed.. And no I don’t and never did drugs I don’t even drink I am a non drinker.. You take a guess who or what was those two men and one with a name id tag. I think I had a visit

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