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Default Re: The Steven Hawkings Conpiracy

Originally Posted by iHIMself™ View Post
If they're so damn smart, why don't they hook up that wheelchair to his head so he can think it move? Yeah, I bet they can't. They can hook up an arm and have it move by thought, but not very intelligently. Simple movement. But to retrieve thoughts and then filter the words into an intelligent sentence? Give me a fucking break.

They could, hook up his wheelchair and let his mind control it. It's not actually interpreting the "words" he thinks, but it measures the electrical activity in the brain. The harder you concentrate the more electrical activity in the brain, this can then be bound to software in order to control movement position.

It already exists and you can buy it for about $300. You can use it to control video games now... If I can move my Unreal Tournament avatar forward, backward, up, down, and rotate with my mind.... than it's just a simple as programming software to apply throttle to 2 different motors in his chair.

One motor for each wheel. If you wish to turn, you turn each wheel opposite to the other. To go forward, they both go forward and backwards the same.

There are currently two in production that I know of.

One is called "Neurosky", the other is called "Emotiv."

Technology is getting much better..... don't be so closed minded.

They were both at GDC '09 on display for random people to try. They DO work.... and I DID try it.


There are two more too, "BrainGate" and "CyberLink."

You can find videos of them all with a simple google.

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