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Default Mexican Army Marches Back Into Houston

there's the story. i first saw it reported on a
Compuserve news link. when i searched it again
i came up with this one, from a Mexican
separatist group, also known to us generically
as 'reconquistas'.

notice the other information they give that
the U.S. Illuminati trance media aren't telling us

here is what is happening...

Katrina was used as a device to help de-sovereignize America.

Henry Makow reported in his Katrina article
that the NWO wants Canada, the United States and
Mexico unified economically by 2010.

so how do you accomplish the breakup of America
as a country without the sheep complaining?

Sherman Skolnick said it in one of his Overthrow of the
Ameriucan Republic series... you make the American people lose
confidence in the presidency and government itself.
you assassinate the presidency and governement
by rigging them with deliberate corruption and incompetency.

the more obvious the better. Haliburton anyone?

then you disperse the US armed forces around the globe
to remove them from being able to protect the homeland.
war after war after war. who do we invade next?

then use a crisis, in this case a convenient or staged
natural (or not) disaster to create the 'need' for outside

on September 11th, 2001, NATO AWACS planes were
allowed to overfly the United States. that set a precedent
for outside 'help'.

and you only accept the 'help' you really want,
which in this case was to bring in a trojan horse.

as our troops are deployed everywhere but here,
new crises can be either created or simply allowed
to spin out of control as in the New Orleans fiasco.

this creates a precedent for more outside 'help'
to be brought in.

now look at what happened in New Orleans.

thousands and thousands of poor blacks had been
abandoned to die by the US government. they now hate
the government and guess who shows up to rescue them with
food and water, ect., in Houston? Mexico....

all the displaced blacks who will resettle in Texas will
now be a factor in the social mix as U.S. patriotism in
Texas becomes demonized.

a way to further destabilize the south and southwest will be to
make the indigent black population feel as seditiious as
all the Mexican illegals who have occupied the southwest over
the last 30 years.

the indigent caucasian population in Texas will be further
overwhelmed and isolated.

this is a racial cauldron that is being heated up.

Thomas Chittum predicted most of this in his book
"Civil War II: The Coming Breakup of America"
which is currently out of print but available used.

his website is:

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