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Default Racism, Nationalism are errors in social development

Racism, Nationalism are errors in social development

"Man, the more he engages the material the more his social life forms and comes into view and his society becomes a social body. And it becomes so social that he may develop his society and see that society as tribal, as family, and his perception of himself as family becomes so strong that he may become racist.

Taking pride in his own race over other races, thinking that his race is the superior race, the super race over other races, or he develops so strongly, he disengages from his spiritual life, his true life, he becomes so powerful as a material force, matter, industry, makes him so powerful that he sees his nation as an industrial nation superior to other nations and that will cause him to become nationalistic, he sees his might, his energy, his security in material things so he becomes nationalistic. My nation, our nation, let us do this for our nation with what's in the mind. What is the excitement about?

Our material power, our great army, our many men, our great weaponry, etc., he becomes so powerful in his own eyes. He promotes nationalism, the glory of the nation. So he's taken off from his spiritual basis and taken away from his spiritual center, his true self. He's taken away from it by engaging the material world and material interests and making his social body so powerful that he worships his own self, his own nation, his own achievements, he worships those things, he glorifies his own accomplishments, this is scripture."

Do we see evidence of this today in a few nations, nationalistic arrogance? How do we deal with it? Bring man back to his true self, a "righteous servant of God".

God's revelation brings man back to his true human nature.

--- Imam W. Deen Mohammed

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