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Default Re: Racism, Nationalism are errors in social development

That I think is one of the reasons that Yeshua bar Joseph spoke about the spiritual life (Kingdom) within the person. It is internal and soulful, not physical and external.

As nationalism and collectivism spread we may one day recognize the true Weapons-of-Mass-Delusion.

And what makes me sick are those slick show about how the ghetto boy makes good, we see him in a Brooks Brothers suit and driving a Volvo (no offence to Volvo per se) and he tells a heart-rending story of pain, sacrifice, and persistence to get where he is today. Oh, sure. What the media mind killers want us to think is that poor black people can have "The American Dream" also, but they just have to try harder. If done right, it can inspire hope in inner city youth. If done wrong, it reinforces the numbibg lust for the material.

Phooey!!! :-x
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