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Default Re: Racism, Nationalism are errors in social development

Akbar said:If you want to debate the need of the nation-state, you must first understand the role it plays for the common citizen.

Ok, lets see being a American Citizen used to mean having the highest standard of living, and just about the best quality of life throughout the world, However because of Globalism and the Zionist NWO America is being sucked dry of its awsome wealth to support "turd" world countries like yours. Its because you "backwards" people of the world that Citizens of America are being shortchanged, your corrupt goverments can't even manage to feed its own citizens and the list of problems those countries create for themselves are the reason America is turning to a "turd" world country, America is forced to "Equalize" itself to the world, all in the name of the Zionist NWO. thats my opinion Akbar.
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