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Default Re: The Strange Georgia (USA) Guide Stones

Dear BlueAngel,

Excellent question!

WE are the aggregate sum of spiritual beings who separated from God. WE were once all part of infinite energy intelligence. The separation came when parts of God splintered off (or individuated) from the collective realm or oneness of infinite thought.

Why did we do that?

Because we thought we could "out-God God" by infusing additional elements into a perfectly workable universe that contained energy and space. By interspersing matter and time into the equation, we became victims of our own creation and became trapped within it.

The idea was noble enough ---- creating an experiential universe based upon sensation rather than imagery; but by building a cycle of life and death into the equation, it should have been forseeable that ultimately the spiritual beings venturing into such a dimensional plane would one day miscalculate that they WERE bodies, rather than forms of energy operating genetic vessels, which in fact is what we REALLY are.

The blueprint for this sector of the physical universe that includes our world is extremely deficient in that there is glaring irresponsibility caused by the lack of a telepathic consciousness. All of the traps of earth have arisen from this overriding pitfall.

WE created the evolutionary timeline; but by retaining the ability to return to the infinite or spiritual universe upon body abandonment (or death based upon aging in a carbon-dated system), it would not have been all that complex had we not built the element of amnesia upon rebirthing (picking up a subsequent body) into the mix. That, coupled with the fact that time is only chronological unto those spiritual beings operating bodies in the physical universe; this causes rebirthing to occur randomly, in a non-linear, non-chronological order.

I have spent the last forty years learning all of the secrets of live and death from the Antareans. It was a group of us humans who pursuaded Leucedendra to put up a web site (THE ANSWERS TO EVERYTHING ARE HERE THIS SITE WILL EXPLAIN WHO YOU REALLY ARE AND WHAT CHOICES YOU HAVE AFTER DEATH AND DURING YOUR TIME HERE) so that anyone who wanted to rise above the mythology of organized religion could address the truth of all of this.

The rest of the explanation can be satisfactorily found there.

Arvel Montmortis, Ph.D.
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