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Default Re: CHEMTRAILS????????

The chemtrail program is a subject requiring hours of study. One faction holds that this is a global effort to reduce global warming by covering the sky with toxic crap to sheild against the suns rays. Another faction is weather control, for military purposes of course. Still another theory is population culling and or mind control. Many sites delve into this just google search chemtrails.
I myself have been watching the sky for 2 years now. It is true. The biggest clue was the completey normal contrails left by ALL jets in the sky for 2 weeks after Katrina.. I guess they had to recalibrate or rethink their efforts in this regard. Another keyword for chemtrails is orgonite. Yes, I know this will sound bizzaro, but the stuff works.
Lastly "Slavery and the Eight Veils", may explain at least a little why the world is in it's current state.
If all that fails, go grab your favorite alcholic beverage.
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