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Insider wrote:
Infinity by its very nature can have no end.
Not so. All infinity means is an in-definite. This indefinite applies only to a subjective being. In Platonic terms, a Becoming. This applies to man.

Albeit, an infinity as a known objective is seen as a self contained whole and contains both end and beginning within its own self-contained object.

Of course, a being must be Omniscient to objectify an infinity. This is not a problem for God. For God is even beyond such concepts as infinity. For infinity is a subjective function of an undefined space/time. In other words, God created the concept of inifinity because of the nature of man's subjective, that is limited physical presentational organism - the brain. However, the spirit that is unseen yet the active principle within man reaches beyond the physick and is tapped into the consciousness of God directly.
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