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Default Re: ***DEMONS in Alienīs Clothing***

TB, one of the great errors in Jung is that he thought that demons are creations of the mind. Even if some manifestations may be psychological, delusions don't talk back to you, they don't know secrets of your life, they don't have an agenda, they are not all ant-Jesus like demons. These things are real, they have personalities.
That is the point of Jungs work on what he called "autonamous complexes". They have distinctive personalities of their onw. I know through personal experience that when "issues" are worked on these "demons" dissapear.

As for "knowing" certain things. Their is what the early French anthropolagists called "participation mystique" whereby there is a "blurring" between one apparent "seperate" being and another. The world of instinct and intuition if you will. I have said things to people and in amazement they have said..."how did you know that?" I dont know how I know. It just comes out. That is the world of the unconscious and the "subtle" vibes that human auras give off. The closer to the world of feeling you are the more sensitive your attenna. In a world where feeling and compassion are derided and considered "weak" there is no wonder that these things return in demonic form.

Still, i have no problem per-sa with the concept of "demons". I just prefer to call them "autonamous psychological complexes" as Jung called them. This does not demean the practical effects of these forces and if through relating to them in this manner a person stays protected and "functioning" then i have no problem with it.

I do not mean to "reduce" the experience down to some "dry" psychological terms but based on my experience this is what they are.

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Pleasure debating you SATURNINO...
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