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Default Re: ***DEMONS in Alienīs Clothing***

Yes TB. You should read the book from Neil Anderson "The Bondage Breaker" or Rebecca Brown's "Unbroken Curses". They say basically that demons are like cockroaches who come to feed where there is garbage. Even fear, anger, unforgiveness, etc., are kinds of sin. This kind of emotions can be easily manipulated by demons and it is good that the personn take care of them. Even when cast away, the demons can come back if there is still "food' for them. In fact, the problem is more of a legal right to afflict the person because of the sin.

So, I agree that taking care of problems helps.

However, especially in materialistic societies, demons prefer to stay quiet and work behind the scenes. But, when least expected, one can be attacked. Easy test: try to read the Bible. Or to get together with Christians. I once took a friend to church and she slept all the time (not that the message was that boring!).

Another easy example: sometimes objects bring attachments of demons. Bring an occult object home and you start having all kinds of problems. Pray and get rid of the thing and things get better. I have seen that happen in my own life.

The problem is that we are warned to be aware of the schemes of Satan. If we reduce them to psychological problems, it is easy to be caught off guard. The Bible says Satan is like a lion looking for someone to devour.

PS: Jung's is a very complex way to explain what is much more simple, in my opinion, and put God outside of the equation. Talking about ducks, we become sitting ducks then.
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