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Default Re: ***DEMONS in Alienīs Clothing***

LaDominio wrote:

Saturnino wrote:
They are easily banished if you are ok with Jesus and is living a good life. Then they can be banished thru the name of Jesus.

Why do you think this is? I wonder why it is so easy, because I have experienced the power of His name first-hand. I wonder who makes the rules.
God makes the rules. Jesus'name is so powerful because He created the universe, including demons. When He died on the cross and rose again, He took away Satan's throne over this world. He also expressely gave to His disciples the power to trample over scorpions and snakes (evil spirits) and said that in His name they would cast demons.

But we have to be careful to do that in humility and faith, otherwise we can get beaten like those Jewish exorcists in the Bible.

Also, they can drive a person mad and even make her kill or commit suicide. If they think they can freak out a person, they will appear.
Tell me, could a demon implant thoughts into a mind? I have seen this a lot. It’s easy to spot a demon speaking, because the voice pattern changes. Even I notice myself doing it sometimes. Really unsettles people.
Yes, people can even hear voices, but it is more normal to think they are your own thoughts.
And yes again, people can show signs of demonization but most times it is more subtle. The movie The Exorcist was a terrible psy-op disinfo action :-) People with demons walk around us all the time and we don't notice.

I know this is very close to home, but my ex girlfriend tried to kill herself recently to my dismay. I have moved on, but she claims that my new girlfriend is going to kill me, and that I must stay away from her because she’s 'evil'. Bullshit... Demons! They torment my life!
Man, I think nobody kills oneself without a LOT of help from Satan. He can and does implant suggestions in our minds all the time. His goal is to fuck up our lives and to make us go away fromm God.

The first and most important thing you can do is to pray for her. I know I will. Then you should talk to some Christian or a good pastor to help you. There can be a million reasons she did what she did, but God knows why.

Feel free to PM me privately.
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