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Default Re: ***DEMONS in Alienīs Clothing***

Excellent advice, SAT. There's a lot of wisdom in what you wrote.

It seems that demons also know human nature very well. They can appeal to our pride, as this is one of our greatest weaknesses as humans. It seems that they can give or enhance psychic abilities, because people can be susceptible to wanting to impress people with their psychic abilities.

I knew the late Theosophist and clairvoyant named Dora Kunz. She was not a nice person. She was very controlling, manipulative, and just downright mean. Her followers overlooked these bad qualities because they were impressed with her psychic and clairivoyant abilities. Because she could give them advice and "heal" them, they overlooked the fact that she had a bad character. It seemed to me, when watching her interact with people, that she was controlled by demons, though that's a subjective interpretation on my part. I didn't talk to her often, as I was a little afraid of her.

Not that all psychics are bad people; but they often never have a moment's peace, as they are often constantly bombarded by other people's thoughts and feelings.
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