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if this Intelligent, benign, or beneficial source had BRAINS I would think IT would learn ENGLISH don't you? I mean what with all its awsome power, it should know we'll never figure its creations out..I love being SARCASTIC at times...
Sarcasm is often motivated by ignorance, confusion, and frustration. However, you ask a good question.

The language of crop circles is not verbal, like English, but rather geometrical. Although there are over a hundred spoken languages on earth, there is only one language of mathematics. Perhaps whatever is creating crop circles is not able to or has no interest in communicating their purpose or meaning in plain English, but that does not imply an evil intention. Also, the fact that you cannot figure it out does not mean that nobody can. You offer no evidence that crop circles are in any way evil, so I encourage you to reserve judgment.

Lastly, since crop circles are obviously geometrical in nature, anyone seriously interested in understanding them would be wise to study geometry. I can assure you that geometry is not an evil subject. Geometry is one of the three major branches of mathematics; algebra and analysis (calculus) are the other two. All university libraries have geometry books on the shelf. Not everything worth knowing is in the Bible. Right?

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