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Default Norma Jeane Mystery

She was once classed as the most beautiful woman in the world, a hollywood starlet rumored to have had affairs with standing president John Fitzgerald Kennedy, cut down in her prime on this the fifth day of August in 1962 - yes we are talking about none other than Norma Jeane a.k.a Marilyn Munroe.

Born on June 1st 1926 as Norma Jeane Mortenson in the Los Angeles County Hospital the life of one of the worlds most beautiful female's would forever be clouded and marred in controversy.

Her mother, Gladys Baker, immediately changing the name of her third child to Norma Jean Baker to hide the fact that the real father of this child was none other than Martin E Mortesen.

The real identity of her father was not confirmed until after Mortesen died at the age of 85, documents then revealed that he was infact married, and later divorced to Gladys Baker and that he had a copy of Norma Jeane's birth certificate that clearly named him as her father.

The downward spiral of Marilyn Munroes actions later in life (hyper-sexuality, sleep disturbances, substance abuse, disturbed interpersonal relationships) were brought on by actions as she was a child growing up, moving throughout orphanages, and family members homes it was reported that Norma Jeane was sexually assaulted by strangers and family members a-like, which ultimately had a detrimental effect on the starlet as life wore on.

Despite playing a number of small roles throughout her early film career, most of which were uncredited, Munroe, whose name had been changed via the president of 20th Century Fox Ben Lyon, made her first major breakthrough in 1948 shortly after signing a six-month contract with Columbia Pictures.

After working under the direction of acting coach Natasha Lytees, and head of the studio Harry Cohen sending her to fix a slight overbite of her teeth Munroe shot to stardom with a role in the Marx Brothers film Love Happy.

Munroe backed up her first successful role with other successful hits in The Asphalt Jungle and All about Eve, before her rising star captivated the world between 1952 and 1955 with the film releases of Were not married; and Don't Bother to knock.

Despite a strong film career, that slowly spiralled out of control the world still mourned when at 4:25am the doctor of Marilyn Munroe Ralph Greenson called the Los Angeles Police Department to report that the worlds biggest star had burned out, and that she was dead.

The Los Angeles County Coroner Dr. Thomas Noguchi recorded the cause of death as "acute barbiturate poisoning" resulting from "a probable suicide".

However that is not where this story ends, with the bombshell reportedly having an affair with sitting president John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and an affair with brother Robert many believe that Munroe may have been murdered to try and keep the affair secret after she vowed to turn her life around and wanted to speak out about everything.

The FBI and the Mafia thought she knew too much and therefore orchastrated her murder.

On August 5, 1962, at approximately 4:45 am, Sergeant Jack Clemmons received a phone call from Dr. Ralph Greenson informing him that Marilyn Monroe had died from an overdose of pills. Clemmons drove out to Monroe’s bungalow in Brentwood. He had suspicions that it might have been a prank, but they were soon doused upon his arrival at her home.

Dr. Greenson and housekeeper Eunice Murray led Clemmons into Monroe’s bedroom. The officer found the actress facedown on her bed, nude, her left hand sprawled across the bed touching the telephone on the nightstand.

He noticed several prescription bottles littered on top of the nightstand. He did not notice a drinking glass in the room. Clemmons asked Murray about the bathroom, and she informed him there was no running water. Clemmons also noticed that Murray had done the laundry, and questioned her odd behavior.

She nervously replied she knew the coroner would come to the house and seal it up for evidence, so she wanted to make sure everything was neat and tidy.

Clemmons further observed that Monroe’s body was in an advanced state of rigor mortis, which indicated that she had been dead for at least six hours. The officer asked Murray what time she found Monroe’s body. Murray claimed that she noticed Monroe’s bedroom door was locked after midnight, knocked on the door and did not hear a response.

She became concerned and telephoned Dr. Greenson.

The doctor claimed to have arrived at Monroe’s bungalow and to have been unsuccessful in rousing Monroe from outside of her bedroom door. The doctor and maid went outside to Monroe’s window and saw the actress lying on her bed. Dr. Greenson retrieved a fireplace poker and smashed the window to gain entry.

Once inside, they realized Monroe was deceased. Instead of calling for police or paramedics immediately, Murray waited nearly four hours to contact authorities after discovering Monroe’s body. Murray also admitted to contacting some movie studios first, as well as some of Monroe’s business associates.

Clemmons was perplexed as to why it took four hours to complete these calls.

Head coroner, Dr. Theodore Curphey, added to the aura of mystery surrounding Monroe’s death. Curphey stated unequivocally that Monroe died from an oral overdose of Nembutal and chloral hydrate. He estimated she had swallowed at least 50 pills in "one gulp," despite there being no water at the death scene.

Furthermore, Curphey was not dissuaded by the lack of some key evidence. Nembutal capsules, when digested, leave a yellow dye discoloration on the lining of the intestine. There was no such discoloration inside Monroe. There was no evidence that partially or fully undissolved capsules even existed in her digestive tract.

Reportedly, Robert F. Kennedy was in Los Angeles on Aug. 4, the day Monroe died. His staff claimed he was in San Francisco for the entire day and could not have been in Brentwood to kill Monroe.

Many questions remain unanswered regarding the circumstances and timeline of Monroe's death after her body was found.
7-7:15 pm Joe DiMaggio Jr., son of ex-baseball star Joe DiMaggio (and thus Monroe's former stepson) phones her about his broken engagement to a girl in San Diego. DiMaggio Jr. said when interviewed that Monroe sounded cheerful and upbeat. On duty with the Marines in California, DiMaggio was able to place the time of the call because he was watching the seventh inning of a Baltimore Orioles-Los Angeles Angels game being played in Baltimore. According to the game's records the seventh inning took place between 10 and 10:15 pm Eastern Daylight Time; thus, Monroe received the call around 7 pm California time.
7:30–7:45 pm Peter Lawford telephones Monroe to invite her to dinner at his house, an invitation she had declined earlier that day. According to Lawford, Monroe's speech was slurred and was becoming increasingly indecipherable. After telling him goodbye the conversation abruptly ends. Lawford tries to call her back again but receives a busy signal. Telephone records show that this is the last recorded phone call Monroe's main line received that night.
8:00 pm Lawford telephones Eunice Murray, spending the night in Monroe's guest house, on a different line asking if the maid would check in on her. After a few seconds Murray returns to the phone telling Lawford that she is fine. Unconvinced Lawford will try all night long to get in touch with Monroe. Lawford telephones his friend and lawyer Mickey Rudin, but is advised to keep away from Monroe's house to avoid any public embarrassment that could result from Monroe possibly being under the influence.
10 pm Housekeeper Eunice Murray walks past Monroe's door and states she saw a light on under the door but decided not to disturb her.
10:30 pm According to actress Natalie Trundy (later Mrs. Arthur P. Jacobs), Monroe's agent Arthur P. Jacobs hurriedly leaves a concert at the Hollywood Bowl that he is attending with Trundy and with director Mervyn LeRoy and his wife, after being informed by Monroe's lawyer Mickey Rudin that she has overdosed. Trundy's timeline fits with undertaker Guy Hockett's (see below) estimation that Monroe died sometime between 9:30 pm and 11:30 pm
Midnight. Murray notices the light under the door again and knocks but gets no reply. She tells police she immediately telephoned Dr. Ralph Greenson, Monroe's psychiatrist. Dr. Greenson arrives and tries to break open the door but fails. He looks through the French windows outside and sees Monroe lying on the bed holding the telephone and apparently dead so breaks the glass to open the locked door and checks her. He calls Dr. Hyman Engelberg. There is some speculation that an ambulance might have been summoned to Monroe's house at this point and later dismissed.
1 am Peter Lawford is informed by Mickey Rudin that Monroe is dead.
Police are called and arrive shortly after 4:30 am The two doctors and Murray are questioned and indicate a time of death of around 12:30 am

Police note the room is extremely tidy and the bed appears to have fresh linen on it. They claim Murray was washing sheets when they arrived.

Police note that the bedside table has several pill bottles but the room contains no means to wash pills down as there is no glass and the water is turned off. Monroe is known to gag on pills even when drinking to wash them down.

Later a glass is found lying on the floor by the bed but police claim it was not there when the room was searched.
5:40 am The undertaker, Guy Hockett, arrives and notes that the state of rigor mortis indicates a time of death between 9:30 and 11:30 pm The time is later altered to match the witness statements.
6 am Murray changes her story and now says she went back to bed at midnight and only called Dr. Greenson when she awoke at 3 am and noticed the light still on. Both doctors also change their stories and now claim Monroe died around 3:50 am Police note Murray appears quite evasive and extremely vague and she would eventually change her story several times. Despite being a key witness, Murray travels to Europe and is not questioned again.

The pathologist Dr. Thomas Noguchi could find no trace of capsules, powder or the typical discoloration caused by Nembutal in Monroe's stomach or intestines indicating the drugs that killed her had not been swallowed. If Monroe had swallowed the drugs there should have been residue.

If Monroe had taken them over a period of time which might account for the lack of residue she would have died long before ingesting the amount found in her bloodstream. Monroe was found lying face down but lividity on her back and the posterior aspect of the arms and legs indicated she had died lying on her back.

The body was covered in bruises, all minor except for one on her hip. There was also evidence of cyanosis, an indication that death was very quick.

Noguchi had asked the toxicologist for examinations of the blood, liver, kidneys, stomach, urine, and intestines which would have revealed exactly how the drugs got into Monroe's system. However the toxicologist after examining the blood didn't believe he needed to check other organs so many of the organs were destroyed without being examined. When Noguchi asked for the samples, the medical photographs and slides of those that were examined, and the examination form showing bruises on the body had disappeared making it impossible to investigate the cause of death.

The toxicology report shows high levels of Nembutal (38–66 capsules) and chloral hydrate (14–23 tablets) in Monroe's blood. The level found was enough to kill more than 10 people.

An examination of the body ruled out intravenous injection as the source of the drugs, leaving only an enema or suppository as a source.

These sources were considered unlikely, so Noguchi reluctantly[weasel words] wrote that the drugs were swallowed. The Dec 2005 Playboy interview w/ former LA Cnty Prosecutor John Miner, deems this the most likely method for a homicide.

The coroner, Dr. Theodore Curphey, oversaw the full autopsy. Apart from the cause of death as listed on the death certificate, the results were never made public and no record of the findings was kept.

Many elements of this timeline have often been brought into question. Most notable are the discrepancies in exactly what time Monroe either made or received her last phone call and at what time during the late night and early morning hours of August 4 and 5 her body was discovered.

Source: The UneXplainable
*Re-published with permission.

- Would be interested in finding out what you think. Did Marilyn Munroe commit suicide or was she murdered? If murdered by whom? OR what organization? and why?


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