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Default Re: What do you,as an American know and think about Freemasonry?

it is only one portion of a huge club, different names and affiliations, where the the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing and the ultimate agenda is kept from the members but just the wonderful globalist agenda that they have planned for the world where these whores can line their pockets is what gives locomotion to the insanity and that is only reason why, we have lost the freedoms we have and the corporations have taken over like they have and the media is no longer free and things are the way they are.

most of them don't realize they are going to destroy the planet and help ring in a satanic order, even tho the idolatry is obvious, superficial worship of good looks, designer clothing, people that sing, that entertain , fancy cars fancy houses, self love, love of baseball, love of football, love of talent but no mention of our Lord, the Creator of the Universe and ALL that exists.

even the religions have been taken over.

freemasons, or any secret society should have been barred from holding any public office.

what books have you read on them?
Things are rarely as they seem on the surface
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