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Default Movie File Detailing Jewish Involvement In The Communist Revoloution In Hungary. Good Viewing!

"Sunshine". Movie starring Ray Fiennes (English Patient). Chronicles the plight of three generations of a Jewish family in Hungary just prior to WW1 and into the Hungarian uprising against the Communists in the mid 50's.

The main thrust is between two brothers. One is a High Court Judge and die in the wool Monarchist, grateful for living in a liberal country where Jews are allowed to rise to high positions. The other is a Doctor and part of the Communist revoloution due to the poverty he sees.

Just watch and see how a "mainstream" movie handles an issue that many STILL do not know or are reliably informed is not true...that those of the Jewish faith REGULARLY involve themselves in undermining traditional governments...for good, but one may argue, mostly ill. 6 meg WMV file.

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