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Default Re: Warning. Graphic Pictures. The Insurgency At Work.

The human race never fails to shame and disgust me. Humankind DESERVES to be wiped out by an apocalypse.

Its strange, this is happening 10 times worse in parts of Africa, yet people don’t even consider it. Cant blame them though, not many people have the guts to go in there and record those obscene atrocities. I would, but God does not lead me there.

There was a time when these pictures would have utterly depressed me, but after years of exposure, my feelings have been rubbed raw. These pictures further compel me to do what I must. When you see a picture like this, you have a responsibility! So many people ignore this to my disgust. 'Read my signature. So many people are SELFISH and COWARDLY disgraces to humankind. Is humanity really meant to be ‘every man for him self’? OFCOURSE NOT! But that’s how it is anyways!
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