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ozzie appears to be educated beyond his ability to comprehend ... statement upon statement , none of which are logically connected (well there are different variations of socialism , but all evil... like "would you rather be shot , hung , stabbed or drowned ?) and
with all the ISMs mentioned , two are notably absent .three actually . a monopolistic capitalism supported by government - fascism . closer , I think , to the model of NWO rather than marxism . but the underlying philosophy of all these ISMs is collectivism and its religious counterpart , secular humanism . the value of an individual is only with respect to his part in the community .as an individual , he has no value . that's where the "greater good" mentality comes from . like FDR allowing the slaughter of hundreds of servicemen at pearl harbor for the greater good of getting the US into WW2 . collectivism is the basic philosophy of all forms of socialism .
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