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Default Re: Congress Seeks To Authorize & Legalize FEMA Camp Facilities

Originally Posted by reptile View Post
Ridicule is the first defence of the guilty, - how do you know Alex Jones is a scare monger? - Did he tell you personally? - Did you read his mind? Or did the little green leprechaun tell you?
Well who the hell would tell "hello, i am scare monger" ?
It's enough to see hes videos and different theories and "secret info" to understand that he is just doing no good. First i was thinking this was illness but now it seems that it might be something bigger (bigger then just making money).

It's so wonderful that NWO all powerful people who control everything are kind enought to allow him to spread their secret ideas for the world. They even help to broadcast hes work & now soon Alex opens up new TV station - well, i guess they are so afraid they do not dare to stop him spreading the truth.

I think often he makes more damage then good because people will be scared way from the real truth as soon they see this guy talking about it.

I was eating up hes work also - like 8 years ago...
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