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Default Re: Christianity cloaking Dionysianism

How can you state "its not what Christ was all about"? Christ didnt pen any of the books of the bible. What you have are followers penning the books long after his death. The bible is a hodge podge that contradicts itself all over the place. Its got a little something for everybody including the criminals.

With respect to the last verse in Revelation about touching the book of prophecy, lets say thats a self-defence mechanism by the faith. Not all Christian faiths accept the book of Revelation including an early church father, St. Cyril of Jerusalem, who wrote about mans vice attempting to mimic the divine.

Whether it be Protestant or Catholic both have their share of crimes against humanity to contend with. The Greek Orthodox were no saints either, being dominated by the emperor. The point youre missing is that crimes against humanity are the goal of the "enlightened" church elite. This is just as in Freemasonry. Both institutions have an "unenlightened" outer shell of followers to give them an unquestionable sense of moral supremacy.
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