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Default Re: Christianity cloaking Dionysianism

The early followers of Christianity were true belivers in God. During their lifetime, Christians were being fed to the lions. So the early Christian leaders decided to conceal most of the truth about the religion under the paganism that existed at their time. Their thinking was that over a period of time the true followers of God would uncover the truth and bring it to light. So the Bible is a symbolic book. All of the stories are completely symbolic.
The religion became lost because the Christian leaders that came later withheld the truth from the followers. So God had to bring the revelation back again so it could reach the common man. So thus the holy Quran came to mankind. It came to a common man, not religious, secret, or governmental leadership. As long as the word of God is communicated to the common man properly then there is always the possibility of World peace. Isn't it ironic that the only revelation (holy Quran) to state that people from different religions will be in heaven together, is now being used as a means to divide the religions and bring war. Satan will never win. Truth will prevail.

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