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Default Re: Slavery still exists?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
I've already started.

Too late to steer away.

You said:

"Incest is only a sin or a bad thing if you see it that way."

You are one hair away from being banished from this forum.

We don't support your type of thought here.

I suggest you go elsewhere.
So your allowed to have a point of view as long as "you" agree with it.

Fuck you!

Ban me, this sites full of religouse nuts and Depressives anyway. Your nothing more than a nazi. Soon as someone diagrees with you your PMT kicks in. You cant get a decent discussion about anything on here.

Go get a ride on a big cock and cheer up bitch. If your old an dry consider some HRT or something. Ive no time for people like you anyaway.

Kiss my hairy ball sack! and tell your daddy to leave you alone.
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