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Default Re: The Jews and the Khazars - The Synagogue of Shaitan - The Golem

In the days of old prior to the Hebrew conversion, the Ashkenazi would openly worship Arion the Horse God, offspring of the violent and incestuous union between Poseidon and his beautiful sister Demeter,

Long had he lusted after her for her beauty, and aware that she would gallop across the Earth in the shape of a beautiful mare, he sent spies to watch her, when they reported to him that she was in that form, he changed himself into a stallion and raped her, the fierce eye of the Quarter Horse is the inheritance of Arion.

Look for a secret Bilderberg type clone group, that instead of the Owl Deity has equine manifestation as a theme, check membership lists and report that J’s thus identified are the core of Zion, people breeders as well as horse worshipers and slaveholders.

Jew history reveals the Scribes and Pharisees of Jesus day were themselves corrupt, who took umbrage at his claim that they were plunderers, who were using the mores and traditions of Judah for evil purposes.

Claims that DNA evidence has linked the Jews of Jesus era to the modern Ashkenazi, only means that the Khazar infiltration of Judah has been going on a lot longer than the date of 740 AD, usually given as the time of the Khazar conversion.

The Jew residence in Babylon documented in the Bible was first contact between Jew and Khazar, and it was during this era that enterprising Khazars recognized then took advantage, of the vulnerability of Judah to infiltration and control.

My purpose is to liberate the Jews from Khazar oppression, and in that respect more resemble the Golem than any fictional character!

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