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Default Re: The Jews and the Khazars - The Synagogue of Shaitan - The Golem

I've been researching this for the past year. A year ago I would have come to the same conclusion, but a year later I am thinking very differently.

Khazar = Caesar

Remember that Caesar was pronounced similar to Kaiser which is the same as Khazar. Khazar is a title, the Byzantine emperors took Khazar wives. Leo IV the Khazar was the son of Constantine V, etc.

Arthur Koestler wrote The Thirteenth Tribe. Arthur Koestler was Zionist. Historically speaking, there is hardly any proof that a nation called Khazaria ever existed, but there is proof that there were Khazars. I've read a lot of material on Khazars, Mongols, Scythians, Russian historian, Manchurians, Phoenicians, and a lot of misc. but related info. The conclusion that I have come to is that at one point the ruling class of Europe and Asia was referred to as Yhudim or a phonetically similar title. For example, 'divine' lawmakers such as Hamurabi and Gudea. Both of them were foreigners leading a foreign (to them) people. After I came to this conclusion, I came across this link:

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At this point, I am fully convinced that something very evil and wrong is going on. Think about this, we question modern day things like for example, the whole Libya event, Osama's death, 9/11 and other 'terrorist' attacks, etc. We have the technology to spread awareness and get others to think critical of facts and evidence (even if circumstantial). Not so much in our history. So how do we know if our history isn't a massive lie or if it hasn't been tampered with? We don't. And in all likelihood, it has been vandalized. The Nicaea council is an example of such vandalism.

So who are the real Jews? The ruling class. The controlling class. They invented monotheistic Abrahamism (Christianity, Islam, Judaism). Half of the ruling class elite claim to be Jewish. This is not coincidence. The Jewish people are mainly useful idiot suckers for a controller agenda. The protocols, to some degree, are factual. History as we know it is a lie. The lawmakers who are immune to lawbreaking are the problem. Rome never fell, it's Western democracy. Competing ideology. When the Byzantine Empire was getting stale, the ruling class' replaced it with the Ottoman Turks. Jewish advisers are always at the top of the pyramid despite the 'persecution' and the pograms. These are clues that only a few ever see. These are likely just normal people speaking out against the system and exaggerated for political reasons.

The biggest lie on planet Earth is that such a group exists called the Jewish people. There are no Jewish people. There are a bunch of useful idiots who believe they are part of an always persecuted Jewish nation, but they are just suckers. The real 'Jewish people' are the ruling class establishment of Western democracy. The Roman Empire.
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