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Default Re: The Jews and the Khazars - The Synagogue of Shaitan - The Golem

One other thing, look up Gutia and/or Gutians. Medians of Persia aka the group of people who corrupted Zoroastrianism with human sacrifice. The people who only pretended to convert to other religions and in their minds held on to dogmatic beliefs. There isn't a whole lot of surviving info on Gutians on purpose. Don't drink the 'antisemite' kool aid. And don't mistreat the middle class Jews either, they are mislead human beings. The problem is the elite. The ruling class. They are the problem. Solutions to such problems require radical new ways and ideologies of thinking which go against morality but are morally just. I am advocating the extermination of elite dynasties in favor of freeing the slavery that is mankind.

Genghis Khan is just another Manchurian Jew aka Jurchen whose history has been combined with the enlightened Muhammad (to demonize him) along with other barbarian hordes. The Scythians were the good guys and not the source of such evils. History is fabricated to say otherwise. Haplogroup G is among the root causes of the problem. Leftover Neanderthal dogma.

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