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Default Re: The Eye and the Pyramid

Marsali wrote:
Well-said, SAT. But of course a Mason would probably say that they do put their allegience in Jesus and God.
I do not, but that is not my faith, a christian mason does.

Marsali wrote:
But not only Jesus and God, of course.
Hiram Abiff will do as well
Learn who he is, and what allusions are made to him and you will realise how stupid that comment is.

Marsali wrote:
, ar Allah; there's not much distinction.
There is only Allah to a Muslim mason.

There is no religion in Freemasonry, it is no substitute, has no road to salvation and has no religious doctrine to speak of.

It is simple a requirement, to have a faith, before you can join.

If it was it's own religion why would it only allow those who already have one to join. Wouldn't make sense, they'd lose more members than they kept.

Like the White Nationalist Party only admitted coloured people.

At least think about what your writing.
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