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Default Re: SeC, Agent Provocateur???


FYI asshole, redrat is another poster, and a asswipe like you, another fucken disrupter who likes to play games "shadowing" people over the net, Don't take my word for it, just look at the
page where it list all the users. You still did'nt answer the Q I gave you, WTF is your detective work on SEC, so what if his post's are Anti-American, what is it to you? Are you really a fucken cop or something? It would be something if you lost family members in the wars of America like I have, 1 in the Vietnam, and 1 in the gulf war, then i could see why you hate Anti-American shit but, you give no damm reason!

And I don't expect ANYONE to read or understand my post, and I really don't care!
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