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Default Re: Prostitute Barbie - The New "Sexy" Barbie That Goes Way Too Far

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
How did you know Prostitute Barbie wasn't for real, JustGroovy?

You've agreed with me that Barbie was never wholesome, so which dolls are not as wholesome as they once may have been?

Can you name any?
Well I knew that Barbie would never sponsor a prostitute version of their doll, I mean that's just not going to happen. Just like Disney wouldn't add a porn theatre on main street at the Magic Kingdom.

I was agreeing with toys in general not dolls in particular. I don't have kids so I don't really look too much at dolls, but I do see Hannah Montana plastered everywhere pimping various HM swag. Makeup, hair extensions, etc all with the HM logo on it. If I had children I'm not sure I would love for them to be wearing makeup and hair extensions and whatever else she's selling at an early age. I am assuming that the kids who watch that show are around 7 - 11ish?
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