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Default Re: Good Day, Hello, and Welcome

Once again thank you for your contribution. I would like to highlight though that you once only had seven posts as well.

I am going to make sure that people who were banned were done so with the best interests of the community at heart, being the new Super Moderator I was informed that I was able to review any and all bannings that I wanted to and it is a step that I have taken to ensure everyone was banned for a valid reason.

While I appreciate your contribution to Club Conspiracy I have to say that the RULES of Club Conspiracy are not as you stated which was:

Anyone can be banned for any reason or for no reason at all!
Unfortunately that is incorrect, I am currently working on new COMMUNITY GUIDELINES that is aimed and directed at fairness, freedom and to what is best for the community - therefore anyone who was banned for reasons that do not fall under the new Community Guidelines (once approved by CG Administration) I will push to have their accounts unbanned.

While I accept your two cents, my focus is to build on and improve the Club Conspiracy website.

Kindest Regards,
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