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Default Re: family values

Ha ha ha...I know the CEC.

They talk the talk. I've been to their meetings. I've heard it all before.

They have facsistic leanings as does Larouche.

They had a fellow speaking on water which was EXTREMELY interesting! He was quite fascinating and had led an interesting life.

However, when I asked CEC members about certain subjects they were evasive and at times let their true "right wing" leanings out.

Again, they talked the talk. Pauline Hanson was pushed forward to discredit alot of their good ideas.

They are made up of alot of engineer types.

They certainly have good ideas.

In the end I believe we wont need any political party as there ar'nt that many ways to live decently.

Australia has so much potential it kills me.

Everyone is waiting for an American to come down and tell us how to build water pipelines and infrastructure.

If it was a choice I HAD to make. Yeh i'd vote for them over Howard and dare I say Beasly who will be making a comeback.

Now theres a NWO man.

He HATES the CEC with a passion!

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