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Default Re: The school system is no longer about learning

I would say they did a poor job in teaching you proper English and grammar as well. Unfortunately, though, I do have to agree with you regarding the substance of your post. It seems anymore schools and teachers do not care about actually teaching and making sure their students actually know the subject to use in the future. I guess this is one reason I am wanting to teach at a university. I have seen so many people struggle in mathematics, when that subject is not really as difficult as most view it to be. It just takes a different way of looking at things for it to become more easy to understand. When I was tutoring at the college I was attending, my students would regularly thank me and recommend me to others because of how I explained the subject to them. I used real-world examples instead of just what they saw in a text book. Being able to relate what we are learning to our real lives and what the world is like is an exceptional way to remember what you are trying to learn.
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