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Default Re: The school system is no longer about learning

My wife is a teacher, at an Alternative Learning Style school. It seems pretty cool to me that there are public schools out there that are trying to break the mold of conventional education, and wanted to share it with you. The way to help people retain information is not always the same with each student, so There are different ways that help each individual. The most common way that her school does this is by bridging all course areas. They make relationships from Math to Science, from Science to History, from History to ETC ETC. All areas of study eventually tie into one another, and by doing so you have established practical uses/proof that all are important. This maintains the students interest/and creates a more involved learning atmoshphere becuase the students can make these links from class to class.

To the point of getting out there and just working/learning something away from the school system, I can't complain about that approach. I feel as though that I was lucky though to have been as successful as I have been without a degree. It is something that i have regretted in the past, especially in the situations where you are looking for a new career, and have all the experience, but a Kid from Harper Community College got the job because he will only make 35K a year, and is College Edu-ma-cated

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