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Default Re: CIA Now Says Iraq is a Terrorist Training Ground!!

I forgot what I wanted to say for a moment.

Oh, yeah!!

I remember when President Bush said, "I wouldn't want to be occupied." Who would, but we are!!! We are occupied by terrorists as far as I'm concerned.

Order out of chaos!! Destabilize the region and create order (their NWO) out of chaos (chaos they create).

Who is training the terrorists?

Who is supplying the weapons?

Why is it all of a sudden a training ground for terrorists?

Didn't appear that Saddam had any connections to Al Qaeda before we invaded.

People are dying right and left and now the fighting in Afghanistan has accelerated!

The more we speak, the more they'll kill!! Didn't they do this in Viet Nam?

Now that the American people are growing sick and tired of this "unjust" war based on lies and their representatives are asking for an exit strategy, I presume we are suppose swallow the terrorist training ground as reason to stay PUT!!!

Well, who created it? It wasn't there before we invaded. There weren't suicide bombers on a daily basis and now there are.

How much do they pay the families of the men and women who carry out these suicide missions?

What are they trying to sell us now??? More BS!!!!

Well, I would prefer that GOSS capture Bin Laden. Afterall, he has a good idea where he is and the man, as they've said, is responsible for 911!!

Excuse me, but I think their priorities are somewhat out of order.

I wouldn't trust a word that came out of Goss' mouth. Look at his history. Wasn't he a sleeper?

Like I said, the CIA betrayed me. My country betrayed me. I have reason to distrust them.

President Kennedy wanted to abolish the "Psychological Strategy Board." The entity behind the mind control programs. Another nail in his coffin was the issuing of silver certificates; trying to restore the power to Congress to print money.

Oh, well, another topic for another day!!

In Peace,
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