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Default Re: Reshaping the Middle East and/or World War III?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
What is it you are not getting?

The US is in Afghanistan because of the poppy fields.

The US is in Iraq because of the oil.

It has nothing to do with saving the world.

911 was orchestrated so the take-over of these countries could ensue and our military men and women could be used to further the agenda of the GLOBAL elitists.

The CIA funds their "black operations" through the sale of drugs and pornography.

Afghanistan did not have poppy fields until we invaded and ousted the Taliban.

Why the hell do you think we've been there for ten years?

I am so stupid to belive that the Taliban's military is greater than that of the United State's.

Obama said the other night that the US is the greatest military on the face of the planet.

So, why then can we not defeat the Taliban?

We already have.

We're in Afghanistan making a fortune on the poppy fields.
Ok, so you don't think its quite ironic that we are a year from the Presidential Election, that Obama is trying to "do right" when he should have done that all along for the past three years? It's quite ironic that He wants to oust Qaddafi, when President Bush and Clinton should have done that a decade ago. He wants to simply "do the right thing" so he can get re-elected and win back support from the American people.
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