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Originally Posted by theconspiracist View Post
You cannot truly rely on those sources (i.e. Youtube, Leakipedia, and other news sources). They are there simply to manipulate you to believe otherwise. You have to go straight to the source. The people that were involved. Of course, none of us have spoken directly to those who were involved. Because, they will "deny" all they want. And, trying to get the truth out of them, is like picking teeth from a gay goat.
No, I fully agree with you that youtube, wikipedia ect are not credible sources of information. I was mentioning them in jest due to the credibility that they have with so many.

I have no doubts that I do not, and never will, know exactly what happened on 9/11. It's not likely that anyone does, or ever will. I believe that due to our 24 hour news cycle, and a society of instant gratification, that many things were reported and stated to be true that probably weren't. A mistake doesn't mean that there's a conspiracy. The Government being secretive doesn't mean they were involved, or orchestrated, the September 11th attacks. Maybe there were/are loopholes in our national security (obviously) that they do not want to broadcast.

Do I think that Islamic Extremists planned and executed 9/11? Yes, completely. Do I think it was a fluke that they were as successful as they were? Yes, completely. There are many instances where their planned attacks were not successful, and never successful to the degree of destruction caused on September 11th.

I'm familiar with the history of Bin Laden, US support, and the USSR. I'm of the opinion when you have money, motive, and a fanatical dedication that anything is possible. Not to drag out the religious scape goat but when you questions people's religion and the foundation of their beliefs they are capable of anything.

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