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Originally Posted by brice_fallsteen View Post
That's your opinion, and it's great to question everything, but on this we don't agree.

I don't think that anyone knows all the details that went into planning September 11th, or the logistics in pulling it off. I do believe that the government knows more than what they are telling, and haven't been 100 percent open and honest about what happened. I just haven't found any credible evidence to believe that it's all a giant hoax or was part of a master plan.
It's the DETAILS people need to know, Brice. It's the "History" of what lead it to where it became to be. They say, "History seems to repeat itself". And, I am sure, this wasn't the first time this occurred. Remember in 1993, when the World Trade Center was "bombed"? Of course, that was "staged". The history has to go back to 1963....toward the end of the newly JFK Administration.
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