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Default Re: Real Atlantis Story Suppressed?

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
Well, for one where is it? We have a fairly advanced civilization. Look at all of the technology and material that we would leave behind if we vanished suddenly. I am fairly certain the Aluminum shell of the laptop I am typeing on would survive damn near anything, even though the guts of it would be pretty useless in a 1000 years.
Yeah, so called advanced civilzation? PAH! they couldn't even come up with metals that don't rust away. It's all bollocks in a sack. Of course all the Illuminati have the metal. They use it in their underground child abuse clinics. Or maybe they fire it at JFK's head in a time loop in another dimension!!!!!!!!!!!

>>Many materials could have been reused by later cultures or disappeared due to corrosion. If the culture in question really submerged, it's also possible a lot of technology is now at the bottom of the ocean.

Yes, the spacemen kindly brushed all the laptops and laser guns into the ocean because they didn't want the future people to know they existed, for some bizarre reason. Just like God plants fake dinosaur bones to test us.

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