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Minuteman wrote:
March 10, 2005
I have been watching for some time now and I think it's safe to dub Florida the official torture capital of Amerika. It would appear that homeboy security is really big in this state as the incidents of tasering people flood in. The latest story comes from AP. An Orlando police officer tasered and 18 year old when he refused to give a urine sample. The youth was handcuffed to a bed at the time. So if my memory serves me right we've tasered everyone from 6 year olds to grandmothers and guys in wheelchairs and most of these reports point to Florida. Handcuffed teenage girls in the back of police cars.
Nice. Proud to be an Amerikan.

Yep, and you don't know how many times I wanted to move away. I tried to go back to NJ last year, that didn't turn out so well.

When I moved to Florida 20 years ago, someone said, "if you don't have a police record, you will" "they will find something to get one on you".

A police officer used a stun gun on a 'angry' student in Pinellas Park. From what I heard the student did NOT make any physical contact as to hurl a fist or push, nor come at anybody in any physical way, nor did he verbally express any intent to physically do anything!! He was angry about a boyfriend/girlfriend thing that got him upset and loud.
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