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Default Re: Alex Jones- Proof of his lies

But they did do this, as reported by the Telegraph UK:

The FBI has admitted using a photograph of a bearded Spanish politician as the basis for a mocked-up photofit image showing how Osama Bin Laden might look now.

FBI admits Spanish politican was model for 'high-tech' Osama bin Laden photo-fit - Telegraph

I live in Spain - there was an enormous amount of press coverage over this manipulation. And so it would seem that if the security agencies are that slack and lackadaisical about what they do and produce the circumstantial evidence would point to other "manipulations"?

One has to bear in mind the following: if I take my vehicle to get it serviced I have to trust what the mechanic says - I am no mechanic. Similarly with Alex Jones, he draws his sources from the internet - his sources may be lying. In much the same way as the Telegraph article linked above may be a lie. However, the Telegraph has a reputation for honesty as far as dictated by its right-leaning editorial policies and the corporate manipulators of the newspaper.
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