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Default Re: Alex Jones- Proof of his lies

In its self it is a non-story I'll agree, but as this is used routinely as a normal procedure, I can quite well imagine more devious scenarios. Including creative editing of film footage.

There is no need to point out FBI gaffes. UK and USA security personnel have left laptops on trains etc. They are quite able to screw up by themselves.

The point being that these forms of behaviour have become the norm which results in people like Alex Jones. I personally find him way to loud, arrogant, likes the sound of his own voice too much. Nevertheless a lot of what he is trying to do seems in the right direction. Even if you don't like the man it doesn't help an awakening movement to awaken when the main mouthpieces are denigrated as liars.

Compared to the lies told us by our various governments and govermental agencies Alex Jones is a only a novice.

As I'm posting from Spain, and I'm gussing a large percentage of the folk here are based in the USA, I see things through the window of the internet. I'm not involved in your street level, state level, national politics. But I do know that what USA and UK adopt generally has a very real effect on the world.

What "they" seem to be deciding is not at all to my taste. Therefore I use people like Alex Jones to help me in my researches. In general he is correct and his links are good - other links corroborate this. Maybe he should slow down a bit and choose a more thoughtful english?
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