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Good has become "bad"----------------------
Bad has become the new "good".

Do you see this in today's day and age?

If you don't, wake up and smell the coffee.

Those of you who profess to be Christian are being taken on the ride of your life.
If you don't see it, you will be the one's doing all the "dirty" work of your "leader"---- a earthly "Christ" that YOU voted for---out of blindness!!!!

Is this some joke on my part to insult you or get you started on bashing me? No, of course not.

But Christians today are not better than the one they claim as the "evil" entity known as Satan.

Little do they realize, he is the one that they are worshiping. Do your homework!

Check out your ministers, pastors, and priests.

Check their pocket books too while you're at it.

They are into blackness, into materialism, and money.

Your children are being lead to worship a god of material things.

The latest sermon being preached in todays churches is: "now is the time to reap, it is your birthright to have!" "You can have it all".

Oh yes, they tell you to grab that career, money, new car, etc. "God wants you to have this, what are you waiting for?" Yes, folks---this is what the new mega churches and the latest pop-ups (contemporary community churches) are preaching every Sunday. Hmmmmm!! Satan preached the same.

If you have had the awful experience of seeing and feeling the good as you and I have known to become the new "bad", and bad becoming the new "good"------please contribute to this new post with sincerity. I await your response.

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