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fra_nothing wrote:
LaDominio wrote:
fra_nothing wrote:
Jesus Christ is the Key of it All. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
Yes, but the Christian church does not teach this correctly.
The 'Christian Church' has always taught this correctly. It is only the Apostates who are Apostate. For the Christian Church is hidden more secretly from this world. It is unknown, yet fully known. It reigns in Heavenly Places. It is not of this earth.

Yet I am on earth. I am of Christ. Through Christ, I have solved the cipher of the Mystery of Iniquity thus proving beyond doubt that I am the Rightful Heir to direct the Aeon as I will.

I have the Keys to the Kingdom on Earth. These are delivered into my hands by Jesus Christ himself. All who oppose me will be destroyed.

The Illuminati is commanded to be annihilated. For they are destroyed by the Mouth of Christ. They are commanded to turn to the gospel of Christ, or be destroyed.

Every Satanist, every Thelemite, every idoliter, ever witch, every pagan, every atheist, every agnostic, every apostate Christian is commanded by Authority of the Crown of Heaven to either turn to the gospel of Christ or be annihilated by the Spirit of His Mouth.

The Protocals are hereby rendered null and void.
The New World Order is commanded to be destroyed and disbanded.
The Illuminati is commanded to turn to the truth and believe in Christ, or be slain by angels of His Power.

The Iniquity is ended. Those who will not follow this ordinence shall be slain.

The commands are effective on all planes.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
The 'keys' eh? Well you’d better act more responsible now that you have the Keys to the Kingdom on Earth.

See, you tell us that you have changed certain things in an instant using the Gospel of Christ. I do not believe you fully understand this. I do not see anyone dropping down dead in the streets. Or is it just coincidence that everyone in my sight is a Christian?

If you would at least adequately explain your actions in a language that we all understand, then maybe we can gain some closure. Otherwise, what are you doing on the Internet? Get on TV rather, and spread your message. Television is a far more effective medium.

I sense a change. I know that you are not speaking lies. Instead of PROCLAIMING things, rather EXPLAIN, just as Jesus did.
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