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Default Re: Why is European "racial integrity" threatening to the New World Order?

The only thing that separates the white european race from the rest of the world is the christian culture and it remanants today. this the true target of the iluminati, destroy the all vestige of christianity and they thinks it will give them free reign.

You cannot separate the european culture, east or west from christianity. it is what has distinguished europe and given it all its glory. but at the same time it is a barrier to the satanic plans because not only does chrsitianity expose them but also presents a way to control them. not to mention that it predicts its doom by manner and mode.

Many could say that christianty is not that prevalent today. maybe not the ritualisum but the core belifes are still part of the social fabris of all european societies.

SO its not a racial thing its a worldview thing.
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